Zerga and her children have lived in Djabal refugee camp in Goz Beida for the last 6 years after fleeing the war in their native Darfur. © OCHA/Chad
Children in the Guera Region, smiling to the camera. © UNICEF/Chad
Food distribution in Djabal refugee camp, Eastern Chad. © WFP/Chad
Daily life in Refugee camps ©UNHCR/ Tchad
Chadian returnees from Libya facing reintegration problems in their new life in their home country. © OIM/Chad
Neonatal care is a priority of the health sector in Chad. © UNFPA / Tchad
Supporting the vaccination campaigns for the population. © WHO/Tchad
Women engaged in Shea butter production express their joy.© UNDP/Tchad
South-South Cooperation in rice production between Vietnam and Chad.© FAO/Tchad